Introducing Bestlife Plans by Yourgi

Daycare dogs can spend the day romping with friends in our full acre, real grass backyard, or spend the day lounging in a staff members lap. Their play time is tailored to fit their needs and preferences. Guests receive one-on-one interaction with staff members, plenty of water, and will be supervised at all times. Daycare does not include a room, feeding, or medication administration.

Daycare is great for puppies and young dogs to learn social skills. They will meet and greet other dogs and people and develop their confidence in a controlled environment. They will have the opportunity to expend that excess energy while their owner is at work. This prevents excessive barking at home and the need for owners to provide extended exercise once arriving home after a long day.

Hospital Daycare is available for senior or special needs guests. We can provide constant supervision, medications, and medical treatments as needed for special needs, ill, or injured guests. Perfect for family members that cannot be left at home alone during the day.

If your pup likes a more laid-back daycare experience, we offer dayboarding as well. Dayboarding pets receive a room, room service, potty breaks, bed and blanket, and 3, 30-minute individual, enrichment-based play times with one of our Animal Care Attendants. Food and medication administration upon request. (Packages available)

  • Half-Day (up to 5 hours): $22
  • Full-Day (over 5 hours): $30

Half-Day Packages:

  • 5-Pack: $110 ($22/day)
  • 10-Pack: $210 ($21/day)
  • 20-Pack: $420 ($21/day)

Full-Day Packages:

  • 5-Pack: $150 ($30/day)
  • 10-Pack: $290 ($29/day)
  • 20-Pack: $560 ($28/day)

Guests must be fully vaccinated and current on flea and tick prevention. (Not required for Hospital Daycare animals.)

  • Frontline can be applied at check in-$20.50
  • Nexgard administered at check in-$20.80
  • Both provide 30 days of flea and tick prevention.