Introducing Bestlife Plans by Yourgi

The Resort at Deer Creek

Your special family member’s premier vacation destination!

Our feline guests enjoy pampering in their own special area away from exuberate canine guests.

Feline guests enjoy quiet, individual, multi-level condos with glass windows over-looking the grass backyard. Condos have climbing shelves to encourage exercise and hidden area for privacy. Our condos are individually ventilated with a custom ventilation system. Our feline guests enjoy daily play time outings and individual staff interaction.

Feline guests receive a toy of their choice to enjoy during their stay.

Feline family members can enjoy two interlocking condos with plenty of room to explore an interact.

Feline Boarding

  • Feline guests receive a private multi-level condo
  • Daily exercise outing and individual staff interaction.

*All guests must be fully vaccinated and current on flea and tick prevention.


  • Dayboarding: $28
  • Boarding: $33.50